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If you're wondering why Fruit Greens Daily is different than everything else on the market, the answer is simple.


It comes down to transparency, purity, and our potency promise that we will produce the highest quality products in the marketplace today.

A lot of companies claim their products are loaded with a plethora of fruits and vegetables, but do you ever wonder how they can squeeze over 50 fruits & vegetables in a tiny capsule?

The fact is that these companies are only adding a small amount of each ingredient to their formula, so they can make a label claim touting they have MORE fruits & vegetables which makes their product sound better. This dirty little secret known as “fairy dusting” is nothing more than a clever marketing technique to make consumers think they are receiving a superior product, but unfortunately, they are receiving a product with very low potency and ultimately very little efficacy.

We think this technique is extremely unethical and we feel obligated to our customers to tell you the truth about this deceptive practice.

We decided to take the opposite approach and tell you exactly what’s in our product.


We formulated Fruit Greens Daily by selecting the most nutrient dense ingredients and we only use the “maximum amounts” possible to ensure you receive nutritional benefit.

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Potency Promise Guarantee

Here at Fruit Greens Daily, we promise you that we use rigorous testing methods to ensure that our finished product conforms with the highest-potency standards in the industry. We take this promise very seriously, so if you are ever unsatisfied with our product please feel free to return your product for a full refund with no questions asked.

Supplements with Transparency

We employ rigorous testing methods in order to ensure that our products don’t contain any of the following:

No Harmful Chemicals
No Pesticides
No Synthetics
No Fillers
No GMO's
No Excipients
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